Hello there, and grazie mille for stopping by!

My name is pronounced just like where you'd park your boat (mah-REE-nuh). From an early age, I've been mistakenly called everything from Maria to Marinara to Marahaha. I quickly learned the most diplomatic ways to correct common mispronunciation...and over time, I also grew to embrace the nuance of my name with humor and grace.

A similar nuance is present in the realm of creative communications, bringing with it a vibrant opportunity to scale in knowledge and skill. A brand's past and future collide in the now, with precedent and potential intertwined. This overlap is where I truly shine—whether in developing written/visual elements of that brand's story or researching best practices across its market, I genuinely enjoy the work I do and the companies I've served over the last 12+ years as a communications professional.

While I have actively sought exploration in diverse communications roles, it can sometimes be challenging to answer the question, "So what EXACTLY do you do?" due to the sheer variety. From leading small businesses to executive/C-suite support, my most notable areas of expertise include writing in all forms (technical, informal, ghostwriting, policy, scripts/interviews, and so much more); art direction and design (from conception through completion, whether individually or with a team); and strategic outreach (public/media relations, multi-channel marketing campaigns, event planning).

I appreciate you taking the time to get better acquainted with me and my work; feel free to reach out with questions or interest in collaboration!
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